Monday 3 May 2010

How to install ted in ubuntu lucid 10.04

Ted is an acronym for torrent episode downloader. Is a nice application which as the name suggest it downloads the torrents for the episode you select and it does a rather good job of it. It also tells you when the next episode will air, etc. Ted is programmed in java and it's a stand alone application, but if you want to install it in Ubuntu and run it in your startup applications here are the steps:

First of all download ted from here

Extract and copy the folder name "tedv09715" into your home folder and rename it ".tedv09715" to make it invisible. Once you do that and refresh nautilus you won't be able to see the folder anymore, if you want to see the hidden folder go the "view" in nautilus and click "show hidden folder" option. Browse for that folder again and double click it, inside should be another folder named "tedv09715 2" double click and inside should be the "ted.jar" we are looking for. Right click on "ted.jar" and choose properties, go to the third tab "permissions" and check the "Allow execute file as program".

Once you have done that we will add a menu option in gnome, to do this go the System->preferences->Main menu. First in left side "menus" choose internet and then select new item on the right side.


Name: ted

command: java -jar /home/yourusername/.tedv09715/tedv09715\ 2/ted.jar

comment: torrent episode downloader

For the icon browse to ted folder "/home/yourusername/.tedv09715/tedv09715\ 2/" and select the "winicon.ico"

To add ted in the startup menu, go to System->Preferences->Startup Applications, select "add" and enter the same options as in the menu option.

Here is ted wiki for anyhelp.


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