About me

As the title in this blog suggest this is not your usual blog, this is just more like my own memory dump where I'll be posting anything of interest I may encounter. I don't want to bloat my bookmarks by all of this so I'm going to post them here. You are more than welcome to follow me.


I live in Ireland and I'm a student in the Galway Mayo Instute of Technology studying Computers and Software Development. I have been using Ubuntu since 2007, I'm a great fun and love everything about it. When I first moved to a Linux based system a didn't know anything. I was having difficulties with my computers for a while and a friend of mine gave one of the Ubuntu live CD and said: "Here man, try this, you will love it".

And so, I install it in my computer and blindly started using it and the more I use it the more I like it. Every time that I have to go back to Windows for some reason, the more I dislike it.

Contact me at heepie202@gmail.com
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