Sunday 18 April 2010

Music Players

As you may know, this is not your normal blog. It is just a way to store thing I may find interesting on the internet for future reference. I welcome readers if they find equally interesting the things I'm posting and I'll offer help if needed with anything I post.

As a music lover I always keep an eye for music players. I still think that Amarok 2 is the best thing around and still improving every time, but they still haven't implemented things from the old Amarok into the new one, I still hope they do some day. But my hopes are sleeping away as they don't seem to be interested on them and the time is passing. I'm talking such things as be able to browse the music by added today, yesterday, last week, etc. I thought that was a good feature. Anyway, the reason I'm posting today is to talk about a couple of other music players. I always keep an eye open for new contenders in the market. Especially for cross-platform ones, and in the last while I came across a couple of interesting one.

The first one is Clementine, a cross platform music player based in Amarok 1.4, I've already giving it a go and it is in its early stages and missing a lot of features that Amarok had, but I think what I has it does it well, definitely one to watch in the future if they continue the way they are going.

The second one is aTunes, even though I hate the name and I hate Itunes this is not a copy of Itunes, is totally different. They are going by version 2 and it looks very good. I haven't tried yet, but I'll definitely will in the near future.


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